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Blake Thorson

About Me

I'm a Computer Science Student at the University of Iowa (2022 graduate), Software Developer, Full Stack enthusiast, and one of the few surviving COBOL devs. I try to learn something new, and make something ridiculous, every day

Since covid started, I've also started offering free 1-on-1 tutoring. Times are hard for everyone and we need to come together and help eachother in every way we can. Please message / call me for times at +1 (563)-506-8505!

Latest Projects

NLITN Video Conferencing

Using Ruby on Rails and MySQL, I assisted in creating a video conferencing service for use by professionals in the legal field. Including document sharing/ signing, a full chat system, the ability to schedule meetings, and ID Verification to ensure all contracts signed using the service are legally binding.

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Mental Metrics - Award Winning Site

A website and mobile app, that received the Good Neighbor award at the Uiowa Hackathon, that helps people to take depression and anxiety one day at a time through managing emotions, stressors, and establishing a self care routine.

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Medical Online

Using Ruby On Rails I built a site that contains every hospital, care home, and school for special needs in the country and allows anyone to sign up and review their experience with said business and, if they own it, claim said business. It also houses articles published by reputable hospitals and allows users to search through them by article title!

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Skyrim to-do

Using Google's Firebase, it allows users to sign in with Google and layout an easy to navigate and manage to-do list for the video game Skyrim. Working on migrating to Google Authentication for an even more secure and worry free experience.

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Omnis Technologae

Using Python, spaCy, pickle, APIs, and three years of my life Omnis is able to improve the experience of the average Discord user while also providing additional resources and functionality that they would otherwise find lacking.

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Walford, Iowa
+1 (563)-506-8505


Python Expert
Java Script Expert
C Intermediate

Back End:

Ruby On Rails Intermediate
Node Intermediate
.Net Beginner

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